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Why Slovakia

At present is Slovakia very interesting and attractive destination for investors, businessmen, and people searching for job, just people from around the world. To the main incentives belongs membership in European Union. Thanks this fact Slovakia is a part of European common market. Dynamics of grow of the local economy is one of the highest in European Union. Development of domestic market and increasing consumption brings always-new opportunities for several kinds of business for intensive as well extensive form of business development. In comparison with all member countries of European Union Slovakia offer attractive and comparative conditions. Also offers excellent conditions for quality life style. For reliable price you can allow yourself an extravagant and really rich life style. For example, there is usual dinning out in quality restaurants of many several cuisines for very friendly prices. Also is usual relax with excellent coffee or other drink in very nice pubs or coffee shops. Your time of relax you can join in many aqua parks, also in winter season for very friendly prices. During winter season you can visit some Ski park offering services in quality at the level comparative with Alps. If you like history of historical sights, there in Slovakia are many interesting sights, which you have to see. For reliable price you can there buy or build new estate of high standard which are in other countries extremely expensive. There are for you modern shopping centers and hypermarkets. Families with children will be positively surprised with plenty of children playing courts or children corners in shops, banks or restaurants. Frankly speaking, in general what is other countries a luxury, this is in our country available for friendly and accessible prices.

Why to invest, make business or immigrate to Slovakia. In next words we try to provide for you as possible as detailed information.

Incentives, which Slovakia offer for investors and businessmen:

- World bank included Slovakia in 20 most attractive countries in the world for foreign investment
- Flat tax based on justified and effective tax rate 19 %
- The highest growth of GDP in the region (8,9% in 2006)
- Implementation of EURO as official currency in year 2009
- No tax of dividends
- Simple administration in setting up of a Company
- Stable economy
- New rules of granting of state aid which are established on European Union legislation
- Developed infrastructure in the country (transportational, environmental and local)
- Efficiency of national economy and export
- Development of domestic market
- Common European market – no duties or administrative barriers in export to market of European economy area (All EU members + Switzerland and Norway)
- Reform of both bank and financial sectors (more than 95% of total bank sector was privatized)
- simple accessibility to bank loans and other financial products
- Positive economical reforms already done

Labor market
- Availability of skilled labor force
- Advanced productivity of labor
- Low cost of labor force
- One of the lowest rate of participation in labor union in frame of European Union
- Advanced skills in foreign languages
- Intellectual capital

- Member country of European Union
- Join up to Schengen Area from January 1st, 2008
- Join up to Euro Area from January 1st, 2009
- Stable politics
- Positive political relations with the rest of the world
- Open economy (Export 77%, Import 81,5% in GDP of year 2005)

Strategic location
- More than 200 millions of potential customers in radius 1000 km
- More than 450 millions of potential customers in duty free EU area
- Most suitable location form the political and economical point of view for investments which plan to target for export the countries located in Balkan or Ukraine and Russia (in total it is a market with 400 millions potential customers)
- Fast development of transportation infrastructure
- Slovakia is a part of all important European transportation corridors (high ways, railroads)
- Excellent shipment at river Danube
- Fast development of international air transportation and vicinity of Vienna airport

Incentives for quality style of life:
- Slovakia has developed network of social care, quality educational system, health care and infrastructure
- Low criminality
- Traveling without borders
* From January 1st, 2008 Slovakia join Schengen Area (see map), from Slovakia there is possible travel to other member countries without any custom or passport check. From 2004 (Slovakia enters EU) there is not at the borders to EU countries any custom controls (free movement of the goods).
* No visa to many countries of the world (non EU members), for example Japan, Ukraine etc.
- Strong and growing domestic currency
- Low living costs, falling prices of food and goods
- Transparent legislation
- Natural beauty, many cultural and historical sights
- Sporting and relaxation centers at high level and for reliable prices
- Fast growth of the level of life and of the society
- New pension pay system based on savings at personal accounts managed by private companies
- Nice climate
- Citizens of Slovak Republic can live, work without work permit or make business in almost all member countries of European Union and they have a right to choose any of EU member countries as a country of theirs permanent residency
- High offer of jobs, especially in Bratislava
- Lingual affinity with Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian languages

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